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World Energy Globe Award (Fire)
National Energy Globe Award Taiwan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Epoch Energy Technology Corp
Implemented country: Taiwan
Title: EP-C100 Hybrid Fuel System - Dual-Fuel System for buses, trucks and cars

Epoch Energy Technology of Taiwan has developed a technology that enriches fuels with oxy-hydrogen gas. The goal of this development is to reduce emissions via environmentally friendly oxygen and hydrogen and thereby to protect the environment and the health of city residents. The high efficiency of these gases can reduce fuel consumption and emissions by some 15%. Worldwide application would mean annual savings of 667 million tons of CO2 for better air quality and reduced health risks. An additional benefit is that the gases are produced during operation, so there is no health hazard and no danger of explosion. The hybrid fuel system can easily be retrofitted into existing vehicles and has already been tested in public transportation in Taiwan and China. Worldwide marketing is already underway.

Category: Fire