Submitted by: APREC Coastal Ecosystems
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: CULTIMAR project

The experience in Teaching & Research projects, partnerships at national and international levels, largely contribute to the action plain for achieve the project goals, to formation of environmental specialists, and others CULTIMAR™ activities: To develop and harmonize communities’ integration with environment, promoting sustainable use of natural resources; To qualify students, fishermen, teachers, students and community stakeholders with CULTIMAR™ project activities; To contribute for employment and income increase of communities; To supply concise information adapted to communities reality about ecological concepts, applying to aquatic cultures and ecotourism; To develop educational and informational activities addressed for schools, colleges and post graduation programs. Linked to the Guanabara Baykeeper Program (partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance (, and which was developed by the Brazilian Chapter of the international Red ProPlayas, a regional network of experts on integrated management of beaches (

Category: Youth