Submitted by: der BISCHOF Teppichwäscherei
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Gentle microbe mix for toilets

Conventional toilet deodorizers damage the environment through artificial musk and halogen organic compounds. A solution for water protective hygiene is microbe cleansing. To make this technology available for every household, the Bischof company of Vienna, Austria, developed a toilet deodorizer that is a mixture of microorganisms. Similar microbes are used in water treatment plants. The deodorizer is hung in the toilet tank and dissolves completely in about three months, depending on flushing frequency. This slowly releases the microbes and starts their cleansing work in a built-in sewage system. The task of the deodorizer is to treat the water and to stabilize the microbe balance in the toilet system. A price of €1,50 makes the deodorizer affordable for every household.

Category: Water