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Submitted by: Siegfried Lerchbaumer
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Ecological renovation toward a 2 KW society

Mobility via public transportation, e-bikes or car pools, avoidance of chemical cleaners, eco-textiles and natural cosmetics, and the purchase of organic and fair-trade foods all enabled Mr. Lerchbaumer of Bludenz, Austria, to tune his life fully to environmental protection. Both in his job and privately, the environmental consultant is involved with ecological building and energy. In his 100-year-old house, he has already installed biomass heating, a photovoltaic system, a thermal solar system for hot water and heating, and controlled circulation with heat recovery. Further plans call for rain water harvesting and a brine geothermal heat pump. The goal of the renovation is to achieve an annual heating energy requirement under 35 kWh/m² and to avoid emissions.

Category: Air