Regional Energy Globe Award Steiermark (Austria) (overall winner)
National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: GIWOG Gemeinnützige Industrie Wohnungs AG
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Passive house standard and comfort after renovation

In Graz, Austria, by September 2009 a renovation of a subsidized housing project that is unique in its dimension and importance will be completed to meet the German passive house standard. 204 apartments from the 1950s to 1970s will be upgraded with respect to energy technology and comfort. The significant innovations are the large-scale prefabrication of all components, the use of a solar façade, a new heat storage technology, heating and hot water distribution via the façade, and a large-surface climate wall concept via the outer shell (component activation). The renovation will be conducted while the residents continue to live there and so opens new possibilities. This apartment complex represents the task of our time and demonstrates a renovation concept that is technically, logistically and socially sustainable. The heating energy demand and the related CO2 emissions will be reduced by 90% and thereby in a highly polluted area the emission of air pollution, especially fine dust, will be drastically reduced.

Category: Earth