National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: AUDIO MOBIL Elektronik GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Audio Mobile Traffic Management

The rise in freight traffic means losses in time, fuel, money and comfort as well as resulting environmental pollution. The Audio Mobile traffic management system (AMV) works on the basis of available or projected digital, real-time traffic data from traffic management systems of municipalities or highway management companies. Thus AMV always delivers the most current data regarding traffic intensity and for all traffic regulatory measures such as speed limits, street blockages and detours. In addition, the modular system also offers electronic payment and informs automotive shops about vehicle breakdowns. The required information (position, weather, street and traffic conditions) are provided in part by vehicles networked by AMV. This enables control of traffic streams and travel and arrival times can be calculated. Data transfer is via SIM card and GSM or WLAN, which are to be installed in series in all autos in the future. Alone traffic control based on real-time data delivers savings of 25% CO2, 41% NOx and 26% fine dust, and thus also reduced Kyoto costs. A driver with an average of 12,000 km annually can save up to 200 liters of fuel and 100 hours of driving time due to these measures. The pilot project is currently being tested in ten vehicles.

Category: Air