Submitted by: ETA Heiztechnik GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Pellets heating without a furnace room with solar priority for passive houses

In passive houses, thermal bridges in buildings, high room temperatures and unwanted furnace priority over other energy sources often cause high fuel consumption. To counter this problem, the Austrian company ETA Heiztechnik developed a pellets heating system and a heat storage tank. The furnace and the storage tank can be set up without a furnace room in the living area. All peripherals such as pumps and mixers are built in. The pellets furnace is compatible with solar collectors and forced-air heating of any manufacturer. Individual room regulation is networked with the furnace, louvers for shading, and solar system; it heats only those rooms that are in use and receive too little solar energy via windows and collectors. Likewise, timely and regulated lowering of the sun blinds prevents overheating. A touchscreen with a simple icon-based user interface lets the homeowner set and control the heating without needing to read a thick handbook. As an additional benefit, radiant heat losses from furnace and storage tank can be used in the living area for heating. The pellets furnace has already been built and the storage tank will be introduced in 2010. The complete ETA regulation system with all individual room functions will be available in 2011 for all furnaces.

Category: Fire