Submitted by: Kinder-und Jugend-,Reit-und Fahrverein Zehlendorf e.V.
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Replacement of riding floor for handicapped and non-handicapped riders

Since its founding in 1988, the Riding Club for Children and Youth of Zehlen, Germany/Switzerland/Austria , has been working for children and young people who want to experience club membership, riding and handling of animals. Since 2007, integrative courses have been offered for children with physical or mental handicaps. The goal is to later integrate these children in regular riding instruction at the riding club. The huge success of the project led to a doubling of the number of courses, and advanced courses are also being offered. Cooperation with schools ensure that students experience a counterbalance to city living and their regular duties, while they also make social contacts and accept responsibility. In order to keep the club operational year-round, the riding floor will be replaced and a new hall will be built.

Category: Youth