National Energy Globe Award Spain (overall winner)

Submitted by: Abengoa Solar S.A
Implemented country: Spain
Title: PS20

With 20 megawatts of power output, the new PS20 solar station is the world’s largest solar power tower plant in commercial use today. This concentrating solar power plant generates clean power from the sun using a completely new technology. This technology has been previously tested in our PS10 and has the capability to dispatch power even during cloudy periods thanks to its storage system. The technology has been developed by Abengoa Solar over the years in collaboration with leading research centers, including Spain’s Ciemat and Germany’s DLR, as well as various universities. The PS20 solar plant consists of a solar field with around 9,146,000 square feet (850,000 square meters), 210 acres (85 hectares), in surface area and 1,255 Sanlúcar 120-type heliostats designed by Abengoa Solar. Each heliostat with 1,300 square feet (120 square meters) of surface area reflects the solar radiation received onto a receiver located upon a 540-foot-high tower (165 meters) to produce the steam enabling electricity generation inside the turbine. PS20 is the second of what we expect will be a large number of towers that will use this new technology to produce clean energy.

Category: Fire