Submitted by: Associa cao para um mundo humanitario -eingetragener Verein
Implemented country: Portugal
Title: Solar Village field testing in Portugal

The Portuguese education and experimentation site Tamara plans to build an exemplary energy-autonomous model Solar Village. Thanks to an environmentally friendly and solar energy supply, which can be provided by local artisans, the village will be completely independent of large industry. The core of the Solar Village will be a solar summer kitchen with parabolic mirror cookers. A specialized lens system in the greenhouse heats oil that will be used for cooking and to drive a Sterling motor to provide electric power and mechanical energy. A biogas system will later complement the overall energy system. The goal of the project is to bring living in harmony with energy-saving technologies. What makes the Solar Village special is the utilization, testing and continuous development of these technologies. The project is currently being implemented and is due for completion in the autumn of 2009.

Category: Air