National Energy Globe Award Slovenia (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Coexistence Society for Sustainable Development
Implemented country: Slovenia
Title: Eco-schools as a way of life

EcoSchool is an EU program and an integral element of EU efforts in the area of environmental education. „Ekošola kot nacin življenja“ (EcoSchool as a way of life) is the nationally coordinated EcoSchool project in Slovenia. Its goal is to reduce energy consumption by 10 - 15% annually and to propagate the idea to other Slovenian schools. In cooperation with the school center in Velenje, a showcase project was implemented promoting energy efficiency in school buildings and environmental consciousness in Slovenia. Already in 1999 school buildings of the center implemented the first long-range energy efficiency measures. The center repeatedly hosts educational events and training sessions on energy saving for pupils, students and staff.

Category: Youth