National Energy Globe Award Kenya (overall winner)

Submitted by: UniquEco Designs - the (Flipflop) Recycling Co
Implemented country: Kenya
Title: UniquEco - the (Flipflop) Recycling Co

UniquEco, the (Flipflop) Recycling Company, was created out of two people’s passion, (Tahreni Bwanaali and Julie Church), for the ocean, its habitats and creatures and the coastal people of Kenya. Saving turtles, people and the ocean seemed plausible when value could be added to thousands of flipflops that wash ashore on the Kenyan Coast. Recognizing the importance of developing sustainable initiatives, UniquEco was set up as an eco-minded, sustainable livelihood-business. Through this medium, endless useful and creative products have been developed. With these products and all involved UniquEco is succeeding in making a difference to the ocean and local people through trade.

Category: Earth