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Submitted by: Gerold Weber Solartechnik GmhH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Fully solar home

In the town of Kappelrodeck in Germany’s Black Forest, Gerold Weber Solartechnik realized the goal of heating a home without wood, heat pump or additional electric heating. The heart of the heating concept is a 42,800-liter solar heat storage tank that extends from the cellar to the roof coupled with solar collectors equipped with probes to optimize the utilization of the storage tank. A layer of limestone gravel under the house helps to ensure consistent temperature in the house and a grass-covered roof protects against extreme temperatures. A large window surface to the west enables passive utilization of solar energy. A photovoltaic system supplies electricity. Natural building materials were used in the construction; these were free of chemical treatment and originated in the region. The goal of the project was 100% energy autonomy and environmentally friendly in its construction and energy supply. This showcase solar home serves as an example that is open to the public for demonstration purposes to show visitors the advantages of alternative energy.

Category: Earth