National Energy Globe Award Madagascar (overall winner)

Submitted by: ADES - Association pour le Développement de l'Energie Solaire
Implemented country: Madagascar
Title: The ADES Solar Cooker puts the sun in cooking pots

Annually 100,000 people die of respiratory illness in Madagascar. Since 2001 the organization ADES (Switzerland/Madagascar) has been producing solar cookers in southwest Madagascar in order to promote the health of the residents while protecting the environment. ADES sells the cookers to households at a low price and thereby saves the residents the purchase of wood and charcoal. Further, the solar cooker is a measure against advancing deforestation and reduces CO2 emissions. Nonetheless, this innovative way of cooking requires a paradigm shift on the part of the population. Therefore ADES provides training aimed at sensitization. ADES is sponsored by the nonprofit climate foundation “myclimate” of Switzerland and is a certified climate protection project.

Category: Fire