National Energy Globe Award Malta (overall winner)

Submitted by: Sustech Consulting
Implemented country: Malta
Title: Water self-sufficiency in the H2O House

Marco Cremona, a water engineer from Malta, renovated his 500-year-old stone house with the ambitious goal of achieving the most energy-efficient home in Malta coupled with complete autonomy in terms of water. Despite low precipitation in Malta, five years ago the engineer succeeded in implementing water self-sufficiency and in demonstrating that it is possible to achieve a high quality of life without exploiting water resources. His system functions according to the following principle: Rainwater is harvested from a flat roof and stored in an underground tank. This water is purified with special filters and without chemicals; then it is distributed through the house. A solar system supplies heat for domestic hot water. Waste water is refiltered and used for watering the garden and lawn and for flushing toilets. As a side benefit, mechanisms that limit water flow enable restricting water flow without sacrifices in quality of life.

Category: Water