Submitted by: EnDev Bolivia
Implemented country: Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Title: Transformation: Energy for community development

It is a fact that manpower from rural productive areas in Bolivia is migrating to the urban area and to other countries, more than ever before. This search for an economic improvement causes social problems and familiar breaking, also an individual cultural and identity question. At the same time, the economy in Bolivia is becoming a sustainable promise for organized groups of producers that use several natural resources with proper technology and adequate knowledge. This project, co-financed by the government of The Netherlands and executed by the German Technical Cooperation GTZ-PROAGRO, supports the transformation of raw materials from the agricultural production into value added products by means of financial and technical support for organized producers in rural areas. Co-financing different kinds of technologies with local funds contribution and developing local capacity in technical aspects are the pillars of this cooperation aiming effective access to modern technologies and sustainability in use.

Category: Air