National Energy Globe Award Greece (overall winner)

Implemented country: Greece
Title: Commercially viable utilization of wine industry waste for natural products

Main objective of the project was the development of an economically feasible process for the integrated management of winemaking industry wastes (grape pomace). The latter accounts the 13% of the processed biomass and is usually discarded in the environment, constituting a major pollution problem for the wine producing regions because of their large volume and amount of natural product content. The project implementation led to the development and demonstration of a process which recovers the high added value bioactive polyphenols, as an enriched mixture and/or pure compounds. More specifically, we were able to obtain 1g trans-resveratrol from 100 Kg of grape pomace. Furthermore, the remaining biomass was converted to high nutritional value animal food which increased about 40% the CLA and TVA content of the produced milk. Finally, the remaining material was transformed to organic fertilizer by a controlled composting procedure. This procedure is adaptable by all wineries, since does not require high money and/or space investment. Furthermore is environmentally safe since uses as solvents only water and alcohol, which are being fully recycled.

Category: Earth