Submitted by: Zermatt Bergbahnen AG
Implemented country: Switzerland
Title: Matterhorn restaurant meets Minergie P standard

Since 2008 the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise restaurant in Zermatt, Switzerland, is energy autonomous and operates with sustainable energy. The restaurant was built as a wood-frame structure that meets Switzerland’s Minergie P standard for low-energy construction. The building’s energy requirement for heating, ventilation and lighting are met with solar collectors on the façade and waste water can be returned to the environment in bathing water quality after treatment with a membrane reactor. The thermal insulation achieves a structure that is almost free of thermal bridges and minimizes the annual energy demand. In an innovative step, the solar cells are back-ventilated for two effects: This cools the solar cells to increase the energy harvest and prewarms the outside air for ventilation purposes. A solar system high in the Alps is special and makes a significant contribution to sustainable development of mountain tourism.

Category: Earth