Submitted by: ChangeMaker - Society for Social and Economic Development
Implemented country: Bangladesh
Title: Appropriate Technology Park for Climate Change Adaptation and Environment Friendly Coping Strategy

Due to the geographic location of Bangladesh at the delta of three rivers, the effects of climate change are profoundly noticeable and have dangerous consequences for the environment and on residents. Floods, tornados, tropical cyclones and tidal waves endanger people, their property and their land. Via a technology park, the local organization Change Maker seeks to motivate communities to live more in harmony with the environment and to develop and apply strategies in order to adapt to climate change. The park will demonstrate suitable solutions that show people how to handle environmental damage and the consequences of climate change. This will build consciousness, suggest solutions and make solutions accessible to people. Technologies include water filters for safe drinking water, a fuel-saving cooker to save trees, composting, the use of renewables, hydro-cultures in flooded areas to ensure food supplies. The demonstrations in the park enable people to see, feel and understand how to improve their lives. The project ended in July 2009 after being conducted in Rangpur, an area threatened by drought, and in Jessore, an area threatened by flood.

Category: Earth