Submitted by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V.
Implemented country: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Title: REEPRO - Promotion of the Efficient use of Renewable Energy in Developing countries

The goal of the REEPRO project is the provision of measures for poverty eradication, hence the provision of reliable renewable energy services such as heat, light and electricity to those currently un- or underserved in Laos and Cambodia. Based on the results of the ALTENER GREENpro project, existing guidebooks on renewable energy sources (RES) training programmes will be advanced to instruct politicians, engineers, technicians and community stakeholders to overcome barriers to RES utilisation characterised by lack of technology knowledge and awareness of RES financing options and models. The local training kits will be structured in 3 levels according the 3 target groups: RES experts, technicians and community stakeholders. Trainers of each level will be trained and involved in training kit development. The training kits contain not only guide books, but also slides, practical exercises, show cases, videos and only for REEPRO developed practical training material as Photovoltaik experimental kits, mini solar home systems and a tool kit for the construction of a rocket stove. The REEPRO trainings are performed in selected pilot communities, which are encouraged to develop and implement RES projects. In the Cambodian project community Kampong Thom a solar home system for an orphanage were installed in the frame of REEPRO e.g.. REEPRO will improve the RES capacity and awareness of the target group and thus promote the implementation of sustainable RES projects for poverty eradication in developing nations.

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