Submitted by: architecture martin rührnschopf
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Living in the light

At the Steiner Living Center soul001, in 2004 an apartment building was constructed to meet the German passive house standard and the adjoining operations building met the lowest energy house quality standard. In the design, emphasis was put on creating a natural environment and on well-lighted rooms. A glazed south side achieves high passive energy yields; the clay stucco combines with concrete floors and brick walls to serve as thermal mass in order to accumulate the passive solar energy and to distribute it on demand to the rooms. A continuous, highly thermally insulated building shell ensures low energy losses. A ground-coupled heat-pump system using combination brine flat collectors; the heat exchanger effect is thus used for the heat pump and for the ventilation system. A photovoltaic system generates electricity and feeds into the public network. High-quality air is assured by a central ventilation system with heat recovery; the brine collector also keeps the house temperate. The total energy required for heating and domestic hot water for the apartment building is 11.2 kWh/m²a. Additional apartment buildings are in planning.

Category: Earth