Submitted by: Isomax Austria AG
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Isomax Terrasol house in Styria

A planned showcase model of a subsidy-qualified single-family home will be built in Styria with heating, ventilation and air conditioning implemented with Isomax Terrasol technology. Here the heat of the sun is stored in an underground heat accumulator that is tapped in winter for heating purposes. In addition, another accumulator employs the coolness of the ground. A pipe system in the walls that circulate the heat and coolant from the accumulators, the temperature is kept at a constant 16-18°C both winter and summer. Independently controlled circuits enable temperature settings for each room individually. A geothermal heat exchanger constantly ventilates the air and provides a comfortable atmosphere; filters remove fine dust and pollen. The technology requires no chimney, produces no exhaust or emissions, and emits no CO2 or other pollutants. Further, the technology does not require the building to face south. The goal is to undercut the price of other passive house technologies and to prevent pollution. Isomax Terrasol technology will enable an annual energy consumption under 12 kWh/m².

Category: Earth