Submitted by: Waldkindergarten "Wühlmäuse" e.V. Erkelenz
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Forest kindergarten in a passive house

With child care in the midst of nature, freedom of motion, and the possibility to let curiosity run wild, the Scandinavian principle of the forest kindergarten has been enhanced in the German city of Hückelhoven. Starting in August 2009, the parent initiative “The Voles” has established a forest kindergarten that also affords a venue for certain activities. The house has the shape of a snail shell and meets the German passive house standard. Due to the minimal heating energy requirement, a passive house does not require a conventional backup heating system. The project strives to achieve minimum energy consumption and to transmit environmental and resource consciousness to the children. As an additional benefit, children can move and develop in the midst of nature, which promotes creativity, social competence and team spirit.

Category: Youth