Submitted by: Button Energy Energiesysteme GesmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Power generating heating system with the Lion and Bison power blocks

The Lion power block (driven by any type of gas) and the Bison power block (for wood pellets or fine wood chips), both by the Austrian company Button Energy, represent a heating system that generates power for apartments, single and multiple family homes, small businesses, schools and institutions as well as autonomous energy systems and insular solutions such as ski lodges. The technology is based on the principle of cogeneration of heat and power: the energy stored in the process steam is converted to electricity via a linear generator; the electricity is sort of an ecologically and economically valuable waste product of heat generation. From 100% energy stored in fuel, the power block generates 98% energy in the form of heat and power. Despite the use of natural gas or liquefied gas, up to 40% less CO2 is emitted in relation to conventional heating systems; with the use of biogas or biomass, this figure can reach 80%. Combination with a photovoltaic system and biomass enables the implementation of a CO2-neutral, autonomous overall energy system.

Category: Fire