National Energy Globe Award Armenia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Yerevan State University / Department of Mernalogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
Implemented country: Armenia
Title: Power-technological use of solid fuel in Armenia

Nowadays one of the basic resources is the natural gas imported into Armenia and which is widely used in power production and household purposes. The method of thermal processing of the combustible materials (solid household and other wastes) is based on the implementation of the new physical phenomenon, i.e. filter combustion within the super adiabatic state, whilst the temperature in the reaction zone drastically exceeds the standard combustion temperature of the given material. Thermal treatment proposed technology is based on the dual stage scheme: •Material is treated via steam gasification in super adiabatic ignition state; •Obtained energetic product, i.e. gas (H2, CO, CH4 and others) is employed to get thermal and electric energy. •Equipment is identical, i.e. of modular type. Technology is conversion from the field of the space craft jet engines fuel ignition. The super adiabatic phenomenon is new, consists in the energy concentration within the reactor particular part with the temperature overheating that significantly exceeds the product combustion temperature (maximal or adiabatic temperature). As the ignition product could serve: high-ash coals, shale, peat and other with the ash content up to 90-95%, as well as solid household disposals (urban trash, auto tires, biological and other utilities waists used silt with the humidity up to 60% without drying).

Category: Fire