Submitted by: TU Dresden
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Regional cycle development through coastal cooperation focusing on sea grass and algae

Along coastlines, water plants are often swept ashore that do not decompose easily. Especially when the coasts are used by tourists and so serve as income for residents, this marine debris presents a nuisance. In the realm of the EU Interreg IIIC project CosCo, high-quality products were created from sea grass and algae (insulation, erosion protection mats, fertilizer, interior building material). In order for the sea grass and algae to be processed, new methods for coastal cleaning and for extraction and recycling of raw materials had to be developed. First the organic debris is cleansed of sand and stones; then it is chopped, dried and fractionated. The project conducted a market study regarding the demand and chances of possible products; this will serve interested companies for market introduction. Sea grass and algae provide a CO2-neutral raw material that conserves fossil raw materials.

Category: Fire