Submitted by: Amt der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung, Fachabteilung 19D - Abfall- und Stoffflusswirtschaft
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Recycling of gypsum board

The project Gypsum Board Recycling returns gypsum board wastes, which to date have landed in landfills, to the production process. A recycling concept was developed for the collection of gypsum wastes at construction sites. Because these collected wastes can be extremely soiled, a multiple-stage purification process was developed. The recyclable material can replace up to 10% of the natural gypsum used in production. The new recycling process offers several advantages for the environment. Less volume is consumed at landfills due to gypsum waste, landfill emissions due to gaseous and fluid emissions from such products are avoided, and less gypsum needs to be mined.

Category: Earth