Submitted by: Architekturbüro Laier für GAG Ludwigshafen
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Administrative building in passive house standard

An exemplary construction project meeting the passive house standard is the office building named Lu-Teco in Ludwigshafen, Germany, which was completed in 2007. Geothermal probes (39 x 95 meters), heat pumps & heat exchangers via concrete core temperature control for heating and cooling, ventilation with heat recovery, and a photovoltaic system combine for energy efficiency. The absolutely air-tight and thermally insulated building shell saves additional energy. The energy requirement for heating and cooling is 15 kWh/m²a. Meanwhile the building has proven its function as a zero-energy structure. Annual savings have been computed at 200,000 liters of heating oil and €117,000.

Category: Earth