Submitted by: Kajotec Inc.
Implemented country: Canada
Title: The ecological stove

We tend to cook on energy hogs. Hamilton, Canada, has developed an ecological stove to combat global warming and combine three functions in one device: The stove handles daily cooking, in winter it enables heating with wood and other fuels, and in the summer it serves as a grill. The device is a combination of stove, oven and air recycler. The multi-functionality of the device along with the various types of burners (halogen plates, radiant and alternative induction) make it especially energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The stove’s exclusion of smoke makes it suitable for asthmatics as well, and the lack of open fire makes it safe for children. As a special benefit, the individual components can be used independently. The stove is rated at 220 volts, 7500 watts.

Category: Air