Submitted by: Hegedys & Ull
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Renovation of community center

A parade example of renovation of old structures to the passive house standard is the community center in the Styrian town of Irdning. In 2004, the high moisture in the old stone and brick walls, the lack of insulation, the leaky windows, and an antiquated heating system provided the impetus for renovation. Insulation of the building shell, the roof and the floor along with a new foundation plate to relieve moisture and coated dual-pane thermal windows combine to reduce the energy requirement for heating by 80% and to achieve an energy index of 40 kW/m²a. Heating and domestic hot water are provided by a biomass district heating system and a solar system; a new heat distribution network was installed. Also, a ventilation system with heat recovery was installed for the entire building. Renovation was completed in 2006.

Category: Earth