Submitted by: GLOBAL GREEN (EU) SA
Implemented country: Portugal
Title: GREEN COAL - AGRO-Biomass based Electric Power production

GREEN COAL - An Eco-friendly Biomass based solution to produce electric power as efficient as Coal based. We pretend to set these units on Global scale to produce Bio-power as these machines can drop down humidity of any Biomass to high calorific value material whithout waste of energy that becomes a raw-material as good as mineral-coal that even can be stored likewise to produce energy only when realy need, not contra-cicle neither seasonal as does on Eolic, PV, Solar, Waves, Hydric and Tidal. A Green Energy production solution based on "Agro-Biomass" with imensurable resources World wide competing with any other method as this is most efficient and cost effective power production compared to any other alternative energy business. It also can be used to mix with Coal to reduce substacialy the SOxs and NOXs Gases that are 300 times more dangerous than CO2. Above all helps to irradicat poverty promoting Agriculture production on sustainable way.

Category: Fire