Submitted by: GLOBAL GREEN (EU) SA
Implemented country: Portugal
Title: Green Energy - The Genuine Alternative that produces Multiple Energies and on Sustainable Way

A Genuine Alternative on Renewables because is the only solution can generate more then one type of Energy on efficient cost wise production in high volumes. The only solution from energy crops that can be used either for BioEthanol or Biodiesel sustainable production plus makes at same time CO2 sequestration, above all brings enormous advantages on Socio-Economic development by fomenting undirect jobs on Agriculture for dedicated Biomass production on regular and constant production of feed stocks. Ideal for Sustainable Villages as is the only solution makes fuel, power and gas in unique chain and is versatile and efficient as Coal based power, just this is Eco-friendly, can be stored to generate power only when really needed and moudable at any size not requiring complex concentrated power parks neither has losses for beingseasonal or bouncing on distribuition grids.

Category: Fire