National Energy Globe Award Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (overall winner)

Submitted by: Pyongyang International Information Centre for New Technology & Economy (PIINTEC)
Implemented country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Title: Know How Transfer for Efficient Fuel Stoves in Rural Communities

The Pyongyang International Information Centre for New Technology & Economy (PIINTEC) was founded in 2003 as an NGO with support from academic, industrial, and social institutions of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and several foreign NGOs. Its goal is to create global developmental partnerships. PIINTEC considers itself a bridge builder for exchange and cooperation in the fields of economy, technology, and science. PIINTEC is active in 6 sectors and operates a biotechnology center for sustainable productive agriculture, energy and IT, but also a patent agency and a language training facility. PIINTEC views knowledge transfer within Korea and between Korea and other countries as a key to scientific and sustainable development in DPRK.
Knowledge transfer is also at the core of a project that PIINTEC initiated with governmental support in the years of 2009 and 2010 in rural communities where very inefficient fuel stoves are still in use. PIINTEC introduced more efficient stoves in the communities, which helped reach the following 4 objectives: Designing even more efficient stoves and reducing CO2 emissions, spreading biomass waste products on the soil for increasing agricultural yields, reducing harmful smoke in the homes and using this pilot project to demonstrate the feasibility and advantages of this approach. Target area was Sinchon-Ri in the northern province of Pyongan and 50 households there.
Implementation wasn’t quite as easy as originally hoped. Initially, the villagers were very skeptical of the new stove. PIINTEC understood that the new stoves would never be accepted unless the villagers trusted them to work. A second problem was funding. Eventually, the advantages and benefits of the stoves spoke for themselves and the people were convinced. The project was evaluated for 12 months in terms of efficiency and feasibility. During this time all maintenance problems were solved as well. The new kitchen stoves were welcomed and now the communities themselves would like to offer the stoves to the local population.

“PIINTEC hopes to broaden its scope of activities by integrating itself into a wider range of local and international networks of cooperation and partnership.“


Category: Air