National Energy Globe Award Nepal (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Centre for Rural Technology
Implemented country: Nepal
Title: Improved water-powered mill program in Nepal

Since 2003 the Institute for Renewable Technologies in Nepal has been helping to improve existing water mills in the country. As a result, some 250,000 households in rural Nepal save time and earn more money and some 5000 water mills have already been renovated. The wooden water wheels and mill wheels were replaced by metal components; for power transfer, a pulley and belt system were retrofitted. The wheels are hydraulically formed and its blades are cupped to better catch water and thus improve the mill’s efficiency. 20-50 kg of corn can be milled per hour, 50-60 kg of rice can be hulled, 10-15 liters of oil can be extracted, and 1-3 kW of power can be produced. Each improved mill saves 900 liters of diesel annually, or 3 tons of CO2e. The project will be completed by June 2010.

Category: Fire