Submitted by: v.d.wijngaart's engineering services
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Circles of Life

Nourishment, a home and work are three of people’s most important requirements. All these aspects of daily life leave footprints in the form of pollution; energy is required for food production, cooking, toilets and lighting. The project Circles of Life seeks to transform negative side effects of our daily life into useful products that can be used and so close a cycle. With dedicated processes, wastes and wastes water are converted to clean water, biogas and thermal energy. Houses are optimally insulated and human body heat is utilized. Biogas is used for heat and electric power. The project is currently being implemented. A bioreactor for water treatment is already in operation and a modular biogas system will soon follow. A demonstration of an energy-free house is planned; likewise the connection of a pig pen to a greenhouse to utilize the CO2- and ammoniac-rich air from the pen and the animal waste as raw material.

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