Submitted by: Stadtgemeinde Oberpullendorf
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Climate protection at the community level

Due to its joining the Climate Alliance, the town of Oberpullendorf in Austria’s Burgenland is endeavoring to create awareness. In a contest, a large block of ice was wrapped in a 30 cm thick insulating shell that met the passive house standard; residents than speculated how much ice would remain after two months. In the future Oberpullendorf will continue to be engaged for climate protection. Subsidies are planned for residents that renovate their homes toward energy efficiency and switch to alternative energy sources. The town will continue to invest in campaigns in order to raise the awareness of residents and to motivate them to live energy-efficiently. The town is leading the way: Energy-saving street lighting and thermal insulation of public buildings have already saved some €850,000.

Category: Earth