Submitted by: FH JOANNEUM GmbH / Studiengang "Energie-, Verkehrs- und Umweltmanagement"
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Transience of industrial waste heat as a limiting factor in its utilization and integration in heat distribution systems

Integrating industrial waste heat into external heat utilization systems is very difficult due to its transience. To support the use of industrial waste heat in public district heating systems, the technical college in Kapfenberg studied the conditions and measures that could lead to a uniform profile for the heat provider. An evaluation process designed by students examines whether the respective system of the heat provider matches the requirements of the district heating network. This evaluation process enables an assessment of the suitability of industrial waste heat sources for an external network. The process also paves the way for the utilization of the industrial byproduct heat in existing district heating networks. The technology avoids emissions and less energy is lost in the production process.

Category: Fire