National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: ÖKO-Service GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: RE-Life

In January 2009 Öko-Service launched the transnational EU project RE-Life with 21 youths between 14 and 16 from a high school in Graz, Austria. In all, 280 young people in work groups explored environmentally relevant topics (e.g., foods, waste, clothing, habitat). The young people were supported by experts. RE-Life promotes consciousness raising among young people and offers possibilities for deliberate exploration, discussion and active involvement. The goal of the project was to create a concept for simplifying lifestyle. As additional motivation, the best 21 tips and tricks were published in a small book in order to make the ideas available to numerous people in Austria and neighboring countries. A total of 31 organizations from public, socioeconomic and business sectors across Austria were recruited as strategic partners.

Category: Youth