Submitted by: Komitee Aktion Umwelt Tirol - A.U.T.
Implemented country: Austria
Title: EC tunnel project

This EC project by the committee Action Environment Tirol is intended to relieve the load on the transit corridor between Munich and Verona, where weather, accidents, permanent overload, and a lack of logistics frequently lead to long waiting times. This encumbers the calculation of time and costs for transports. The tunnel project plans the use of trains in three independent tunnels. In a 20-minute rhythm, the trains will carry autos, passengers and freight. The project aims for a 97% reduction in transit accompanied by freedom from emissions. Loading and unloading times are calculated at three minutes. Additional advantages include dependable transport times, no impediments due to weather, no traffic jams due to accidents, exhaust-free transport, and energy savings.

Category: Air