Submitted by: David Leberbauer/Michael Huber/HTL Salzburg-Itzling
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Biogas tractor

Everything is organic. Since 2004 the town of Eugendorf has a biogas plant that is fired with pure meadow grass. In cooperation with Salzburg AG, a biogas purification plant was installed that now serves as a biogas fuel station for vehicles. As if this were not enough, a second project set the goal of producing a tractor that runs on biogas. A diesel tractor made by Steyr was converted to run on biogas. Particular challenges surfaced in the conversion of the cylinders, the ignition system and the tank. After successful implementation, measurements demonstrated 30% better performance compared to the initial state. The tractor now runs CO2-neutrally due to the renewable production of the methane gas.

Category: Youth