Submitted by: Stadt Graz - Amt für Wohnungsangelegenheiten
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Student dormitory in Graz meets passive house standard

In cooperation with the Austrian Exchange Service, the housing builder GWS built the largest (2500 m²) and highest structure in Graz to meet the passive house standard. From August 2010, 87 foreign students will live in the six-story building. District heating and a solar system provide domestic hot water; a photovoltaic system provides power for the controlled ventilation. These measures should save 18 tons of CO2 annually; the energy requirement for heating is only 12.3 kWh/m²a. This good example of energetic optimization will afford the students pleasant, healthy and energy-conscious living while it makes a positive contribution to climate protection. Due to its utilization by foreign students, the future-oriented design and the passive house standard will also be transported beyond Austria’s borders.

Category: Earth