National Energy Globe Award Switzerland (overall winner)

Submitted by: Stiftung myclimate - The Climate Protection Partnership
Implemented country: Switzerland
Title: Climate Workshop apprenticeship project

Climate Workshop, hosted for the second time by myclimate, a non-profit organization for climate protection, is an innovation contest and a sensitization project. Supported by myclimate and their vocational teachers, apprentices from all over Switzerland have the opportunity to apply their knowledge about increasing efficiency and saving energy in a project context. Thereby the apprentices are actively involved in climate protection and can creatively apply their knowledge. In 2008 over 800 apprentices participated and submitted 45 projects, which are judged by a prominent jury in four categories and receive prizes. In June 2009 the winner in the category Energy was a project to reduce light intensity; second place went to an environment protection project at Coca Cola; third place was a laptop with low energy demand. Savings credited to these projects amount to 13,600 kWh.

Category: Youth