Submitted by: SkySails GmbH & Co. KG
Implemented country: Germany
Title: SkySails - Innovative Wind Propulsion for Modern Shipping

It is a simple fact: Wind is cheaper than oil and the most economic and environmentally sound source of energy on the high seas. SkySails is offering a wind propulsion system based on large towing kites which meets all requirements of today’s maritime shipping industry: high performance, short amortization period and high practicability. Depending on the prevailing wind conditions, a ship’s average annual fuel costs and emissions can be reduced by 10 to 35%, under optimal wind conditions even by up to 50% using the SkySails-System. This allows considerable amounts of expensive oil to be saved, conserves petroleum resources as they become ever scarcer in the future and simultaneously reduces climate-damaging emissions. The systematic and worldwide use of SkySails technology would make it possible to save over 150 million tons of CO2 a year, an amount equivalent to about 15% of Germany's CO2 emissions.

Category: Fire