Submitted by: drexel und weiss energieeffiziente haustechniksysteme gmbh
Implemented country: Austria
Title: aerosmart x² cools without air conditioning

The aerosmart x², developed in Vorarlberg (western Austria), is a compact device for passive and low energy houses. This HVAC solution heats, provides domestic hot water, ventilates, cools and recovers heat using thermal solar energy. The aerosmart x² delivers 4 kW of heating to compensate for the size of a building or its flaws in thermal quality. In addition, the standard model provides the comfort of passive cooling. The excess heat of summer is stored in the ground, where it regenerates for the next winter. The innovations of the device include: min. 3300 W thermal capacity of heat pump, up to 2500 W passive cooling, 85% heat recovery, and bathroom heating for periods without heating. The compact aerosmart x² was introduced in January 2009. It assures cost minimization with operating and service costs or €300 – 400 annually.

Category: Air