Submitted by: ENDESA S.A.
Implemented country: Spain
Title: Endesa Educa: Teaching Energy Efficiency

Endesa Educa is a dynamic educational program aimed to raise energy efficiency knowledge and awareness in the society by interacting with students. Originally developed in Catalonia, it has already reached aprox. 75,000 students. It was based on the sending of educational material on electricity generation and distribution with an special focus on energy efficiency measures to schools, a later student’s visit to some facility backed up with theoretic and practical explanations and a later reinforcement in the classroom together with educational workshops. The success of the original idea and the need to cover a lack in the Spanish educational system (the absence of educational materials and knowledge on Energy Cycle and efficiency despite educational roadmaps’ requirements) has set up a new and more ambitious scope into the program which has developed a whole new package of interactive tools freely provided to the schools.

Category: Youth