Submitted by: Marktgemeinde Lustenau
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Minus 70% CO2 emissions in 5 years: Kyoto target exceeded

On initiative of the e5 Energy Team of Lustenau (Austria), since 2005 the municipal facilities have been renovated, retrofitted with energy systems based on renewables, and thermally insulated; also, the city uses eco-power (electricity from green production). The goal is to drastically reduce CO2 emissions by 2010 and to fulfill Kyoto goals for municipal facilities. The efforts will lead to a 72% reduction in annual CO2 emissions, from 2600 tons in 2005 to 950 tons in 2010. The installation of a wood chip plant will then reduce annual CO2 emissions by an additional 730 tons/year. Lustenau’s e5 Team serves as a model for how international climate targets can be implemented in a sustainable way.

Category: Air