Submitted by: International Organizations at the Vienna International Centre: UNOV/UNODC, UNIDO, IAEA, CTBTO
Implemented country: Austria
Title: greening the VIC

The Organizations at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) have made in the recent years significant investments into energy efficiency measures as well as have nurtured an environmental-friendly behaviour in their daily operations with a view to “reduce, reuse, recycle”. The VIC-based Organizations (VBOs) invested, for example, into the renewal of facade window glazing to reduce the heating energy (by 27 %) and the cooling energy (by 17 %). They also invested into new ceiling lights to reduce the electricity consumption (by 50 %). Furthermore, the VBOs have taken many other measures towards saving resources as well as avoidance of waste and continue exploring various ways for counterbalancing emissions. Awareness on environmental issues has been raised amongst staff members by means of environment-related activities/events and through circulating relevant information. The VBOs received the OkoBusinessPlan/Okoprofit Award from the City of Vienna in 2006 and 2009.

Category: Earth