Submitted by: The BIOAGRO Project
Implemented country: Sweden
Title: BIOAGRO - The Sustainable Agroenergy Platform

Globally, a large amount of agricultural by-products are produced annually. These by-products such as straw, shells, husks are adding up to approximately 16 billion metric tonnes around the world. This biomass is mostly burned or dumped. The decomposition of dumped biomass produces methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times worse than CO2. The BIOAGRO project is resulting in a facility that turns by-products into a valuable heating fuel and also heat for local and district heating. This fuel is used instead of wood pellets and will become a new commodity for the biomass fuel market. By using the BIOAGRO method on 10% of the agro-byproducts in China, US and Europe 127 000 000 tonnes of CO2 emissions would be avoided along with decreased methane emissions from decomposing biomass.

Category: Fire