Submitted by: ENDESA S.A.
Implemented country: Spain
Title: Energy Efficiency in Endesa´s Head Office

The design and operation of Endesa´s Head Office, located in Madrid (Spain), represents a model of work and a company´s philosophy based on the achievement of a high level of energy efficiency, aimed to promote a Sustainable Development. From the beginning of its activity, a package of actions related to lighting, air conditioning and efficient use of resources were undertaken with the target of achieving considerable energy savings and reducing the CO2 emissions that a building of its characteristics produces (90,348m2 of surface and 2,000 employees). Not only technological actions have been implemented, but also a deep process of awareness to the staff has been promoted, achieving high results in the last four years, such as savings of 2,6 GWh of electricity and 237,535 m3 of gas, apart from more than 2,000 ton CO2 avoided in the whole period. Finally, Endesa is awate that despite all these energy efficiency measures have dramatically reduced the environmental impact of the offices, there’s still a real impact, and at sign of its commitment with the environmental and climate protection, a project to compensate the whole emissions derived from the Head Office´s energy consumption by reforesting some natural areas is being developed.

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