National Energy Globe Award Brazil (overall winner)

Submitted by: ENDESA S.A.
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: Ecoelce

The Ecoelce program, a pioneer project launched in Brazil in 2007, motivates the population of the state of Ceara to adopt selective garbage collection in their households, providing, in counter part, an alternative to contribute to the payment of their energy bill with the use of the collected residues. The recyclable garbage is taken to a collection point, it’s valued according to the market price of the materials and its value is automatically transformed into credits which are then put on an electronic account. This amount is discounted on the client´s energy bill. The project is a paradigmatic example of achieving the balance among the three dimensions of sustainability: it guarantees social, environmental and economic results, increasing population awareness on recycling and energy efficient use, while letting low income population access to energy at low cost or even with no cost and bring benefits to the company.

Category: Earth